The Fish Tank's Simple Joys

i was thinking about this while taking out my laundry from the dryer. i felt great and began to think some more.  

in random order
- getting the laundry from the dryer 10 minutes after it is done. makes you not worry about ironing.
- mint in chocolate or ANYTHING with mint and chocolate is love!
- sweet yellow mangoes.
- marshmallows. just plain, white, puffy marshmallows.
- hugs from anyone, anybody, and everybody!
- pink toenails.
- blue Roxy flip flops
- white shirt. (very white shirt, preferably).
- electronica music.
- sitting on the couch watching Roger Federer, Orioles, Gregory Peck, or Lindsay Lohan
- "The Parent Trap" or "Clueless" (yes. im guilty)
- smile worthy messages
- personal messages on e-mail (coz u know my e-mail, and you didn't send a chain mail).
- Batman/Superman
- jack stone exhibitions
- quiet time
- Macbook
- a good book
- finishing a new poem or essay
- pink carnations
- blue tulips
- cool breeze
- a good cup of coffee
- pan de sal heated in the microwave for 15 seconds
- cooking
- running without running out of breath

there are more but i have to think still.
PS: i think CapSwell made something like this too, but i cannot find his post to hopefully link it. please send link if u find it.

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