Mets vs Rays

Mets vs Rays, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

Watched the NY Mets game last June 19th in Citifield, their new home. Its a huge stadium that had most of their fans way up at this section (or where i was seated). My seat cost $23 (plus convenience fee of $5). Camden Yards Upper Reserve is $15 ($8 for Student Night) and its not too high that u can still clearly see the game.

That Wednesday, since we were seated on left field in Camden Yards, I was only able to see David Wright's back. This time, I was able to see a tiny David Wright, like they were all part of my Lego game.

There were lots of Mets fans (of course). I cannot scout for Rays fans. I'm part of the Mets fans, except I was wearing my Orioles cap. The usher asked me if the O's were still part of the league. I laughed and said, "yes i know. it was just yesterday when we beat you." glad to be a winning Oriole against the Mets that time. During the game, I thought it was going to be fun to cheer for the Mets, but all I felt was that I missed the energy of being in Camden Yards. It felt that O's fans were more loud and were a happy bunch. O's fans can sustain 6 fan waves (or more). Mets fans that night cannot even sustain for 3 sections.

We had to ditch the end of the game. we left at 8th inning. it was a long ride going back to the hotel, so i didnt get to see the winning 5th run that night that happened on this inning. i was happy enough that i saw it. i wouldnt be happy if i waited for all these people to squeeze with me inside the 7 train.

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