writing hiatus

im blank. ive been blank since who knows when. i feel useless and do not make sense at all. all ive been doing is breath fresh air, watch TV, and eat sweets (not to mention the bounty of other food thats been keeping me screaming at myself every time i check the scale). ah madness! there are a lot of madness in life, like my upcoming finals week which means deadlines and projects week also. there are a lot of life changes too. its crazy. truly.

plus, im hitting the quarter life. 25 in two weeks. grreat! what have i done (and havent done) in the past 25 years? never too late for anything, anyway.

i feel slightly old yet i never feared being old. i never dreaded my birthday coming up. i never feared that i am adding another number. i feel blessed instead because God has given me the chance to do something more with my life. i hope i am able to do more, and i hope He gives me more time to do so. though there are times that i get crazy and talk trash about life because i was being stupid and reckless, i wake up every morning knowing that i have the chance to get the "life eraser" and pencil out a new detail. there might be specks of dust and writings all over the paper, but i know that i can draw a heavy line to write my new detail.

im being confusing, am i not? oh well! now i shall get back to my original programming.

btw, check out this app called Stick Wars. i usually dont buy apps but this was crazy. stick figures dying with blood splatters, awesome! teeheehee! =D

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