its as easy as ABC

hey you! what is the matter with you?
with the 2010 Philippine Presidential elections 12 months away, former President Joseph Estrada has expressed that if there's no one to hold together, to bond, the opposition bloc, then he will be forcing himself to run for President.

are you kidding me?
apparently no, they were serious about it. they were too serious that they want some little changes on the legality of his pardon, that the portion where it says, "you cannot run for public office" is being challenged right now. AND it has come to my attention that many people have come to back him up on his leap to going back to public office.

is this some kind of joke?
well it is not. a month or two ago when i first heard about this, and as much as i dismissed it as a joke, i was disgusted by this. with facebook pages popping up to show support for Estrada, the pit of my stomach felt like it was wanting to throw up to all who think this is possible. i know there are people who still support him, but the biggest threat to mankind (or to the FIlipino people) are those who helped in taking him out of office for the same reason and conviction as what i have (which is his corruption and all his great stuff), and now they are trying to support him! to back him up in his WANT to run for President! does everyone have Alzheimer's? it has only been 8 years since Edsa People Power II, when we walked up the streets because we clamored to remove a President who broke our trust, and he is the same person we want in that position again? are these people senile that just because some Philippine history books have not written down the events of eight years ago, that we forgot it was in our diaries where we put that Estrada was tried for perjury and corruption? you have some problem, sisters and brothers!!!

how difficult is it to understand, anyway?
i do not know about you, but for me, it is as easy as ABC. we cannot segregate a corrupt President just because he is the biggest opposition of the current administration. we are committing too much errors in our decision. the President Arroyo, eight years ago, gave us hope that we can survive after our downfall under President Estrada, but did she succeed? and we know that the answer is no, and we know that this is why we are looking for another saving grace. but we cannot push for another Estrada presidency just because he is still the most charming figure in politics. LET US GET OUT OF THE BEAUTY PAGEANT, FOR THIS IS NOT ONE! LET US GET OUT OF THE BOOB TUBE, BECAUSE THE WORK, THE DUTIES OF A PRESIDENT IS TO MAKE BETTER A COUNTRY AND NOT TO BEAUTIFY THE SMALL SCREENS.

Philippines, there is hope for you, if only genuine people lived to see daylight and want to care for you. You are too beautiful to go to waste.

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