Superman For Tomorrow

Superman for Tomorrow vol1, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

a visit to the bookstore usually makes me lift up the latest edition of Superman/Batman. however, the last couple of times that i was in the bookstore, it was the same edition that they have, the one that i tried to read but cannot read because that was Part 2 of 2 of their mini-saga where Batman goes nuts. so i didnt want to continue reading that.

i went to the racks and found 52, which was what the comic book club of the bookstore will be discussing next on their meeting. i lifted it up but was afraid to look inside. it looked nice, and nice means i want to buy it. i wasnt ready to buy anything tonight (except that cup of coffee). then i looked some more and found Superman/Batman books, and looked away fearing that it will make me do an indiscriminate purchase (yes! i do love that series that much). so looked a couple of books and found this: Superman For Tomorrow. two volumes. i looked inside and that was enough to intrigue me.

so for the next 50 minutes i was able to finish Volume 1 and was 75% done with Volume 2. my assessment so far: this is nuts! it drove me crazy. its either the speed reading technique or the lack of time for me to understand carefully (because i just wanted to like finish the books), but the story drove me nuts. I mean, i got the whole story, but it kindda was in a way that you wouldnt want to appear on the panels of your comic book. it wouldve passed to see the images as a cartoon or a movie, but as a comic book, with that lack of back story, it will drive you nuts.

so when i got myself settled at home (after lots of minutes spent for other things), i googled the comic book and found myself looking at wikipedia for some insight. it was telling me the same thing that i was thinking. so maybe, i just thought that i didnt understand it. i just needed a validation that i understood it, and thats what the site gave me. while i read through it more, i wanted to know some more, and thats what i'll be doing next.

after all these: realized that it was interesting.

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