beating the buzzer

*** as i was typing the title to this post, my buzzer just went off.***
i like beating the buzzer, but then there is this buzzer i hate being ahead of coz it means that i'll be tired later on the day. its called the alarm clock. my phone has a better alarm sound now where the sound is booming but subtle to the ears, not one that you'd like to crush for giving you a heart attack. i can even set it that the radio will wake me up to some cool sounds, but after several attempts to listen to cool sounds, all i get was the static radio waves that makes you think of any scary movie that the ghost will show up at any time.

so today i did set my alarm so i can wake up pretty early to finish up some studying. its usually better for me to study like this, well rested, much determined to get things done. but then i woke up at 4:37am wanting to go back to sleep! i was ahead of this damn thing again by an hour and a half! sheesh! it shouldve been nice because you can get things done, but if you sleep at around 12 midnight, then things get a little different. u realize that u have to sit on 1.5 hour lectures for three subjects and you feel like praying that you will not fall asleep in class.

now, im blogging. the bad thing about in between studying. the up side to this? hey! this sounds okay than my previous posts. oh well!

PS: My Boys on TBS will start today at 1030pm. Why do they show this late?

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