open up the chakra

i must be doing my homework, but my brain is cluttered because my room is cluttered. the light inside the room doesnt help me read right, so i have to use the desk lamp, but my desk was cluttered so what i did next was to take out the stuff on top of it. but then the desk is not situated on a place where it is nice to sit down, relax, and concentrate, so i moved it to the side near the window..... and ok, end of the story, i had to re-organize most of the stuff. still looks like a mess, but it looks better right now. next thing i have to do is how to get rid of 60% of all my stuff around here. papers, papers, and more papers surround me. add to it a whole bunch of useless stuff. i just want to get rid of a lot of stuff. i hope i find a way to get rid of all these things without thinking twice if i need it or not. that is why i have a pile of these s**t!

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