some random blahs

its been awhile that i wrote about random things thats happening in my life. im chatting right now with my mom and decided to just type the same things that i typed on her chat screen.

right now i just turned off the TV to have some quiet time. i am in the kitchen waiting for that chicken stock which i think is pretty much over cooked, but otherwise, im letting it boil still. i dont need it tonight tho. i just ate left-over salmon, and tomorrow i will complete my chicken noodle soup... again, with its ingredients chopped and ready to be cooked as soon as i get things together. i have my laundry sitting in the dryer, waiting for me to pick them up. its like a 24 hour process for washing and drying, or i mean that's what it ended up being, because i put it inside the washer last night, and now since its still sitting there, its 24 hours now. add 10 more hours then that totals 34 hours. why 34 hours? i will get it tomorrow morning. =) what else? oh! ive been cooking for two days. nothing really special, just like the usual stuff that i do. its nice to cook. i like it. i changed some of the ingredients tho, well it still tastes the same. awesome!

well. i ran out of stories.

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