Player Tracker Can Only Track 5 Players

i was trying to create my five player tracker again, and unfortunately, i cannot get it done. so right now, i only have Roger Federer. as always, i dont want to put the top seeds on my tracker, but i cannot decide who i should bet on for the lower ranks. the names Fish, Blake, and Isner came to my mind. but there's also Murray, Safin, and of course Tsonga. Tsonga was against reigning Djokovic last year in this Oz Open, he also beat reigning number one seed Nadal on the Oz Open semis, so i want to know what happens in his fight for this title.

i haven't gone through the women's list, but as always, Jelena Jankovic is my pick. not because she is Seed #1 now, but i so love her, and i hope she has the consistent determination to stay in her #1 position for a long time. Sharapova isnt playing, by the way.

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