Novak Djokovic

i said earlier how sad it was that the reigning champs of the Australian Open lost this year. as i was watching some of Serena Williams' game earlier against Svetlana Kuznetsova, the announcers were talking about how disappointing Novak's actions were when he decided to retire his game against Andy Roddick in the Quarterfinals. what? i wondered if i heard that right. i paid much attention to more discussions and i did hear it right, but that didnt mean that it will stop me from doing a search on it.

i googled his name and there came up his wikipedia entry. second paragraph (so far) under 2009 tells us about the Australian Open disappointment. then i had to check out another site, the Australian newspaper that confirmed that Novak's withdrawal from the game is due to exhaustion from the heat, and he had claims of physical soreness.

my thought for a second... lame! on second thought though, maybe that is how hot it is really in Australia now. *here's what Al Gore is fighting against now! (as against to the laughing comments in Fox like "global warming? what global warming? we're too cold here!")* and the next one i thought of? that high school football player who died of heat stroke. i would be pretty devastated if it happens to Novak.

so maybe it was for the best, i just hope though that given better weather conditions, he would fight hard and not withdraw from his games. he is a very good player, and he is too young to quit.

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