The Reading List

yey! im done with most of the books that have been lined up for who knows how long. actually, wait, they are the latest additions to the list and they were the ones i got done with. i cannot implement FiFo on this list as reading for me most of the time depends on what i want to and feel like reading. as of yet, i have finished the immediate line of graphic novels that i have, and the problem with that is that i cannot wait to add some more. like after reading 1602, i just wanted to get the rest of the series such as 1602: Fantastick Four, and 1602: The New World. call me hooked to it! then i just finished Y: The Last Man which started out not fine but ended up with me wanting to get the rest of the series as well!!! it was a good read for me, and an easy one after the lag at the start of the series, thus yes, i just want to get it. i just want to see what Yorick's fate will be.

side note: the funny thing that happened earlier tho was that before I had to attend a talk about Feminist Philosophy, I was reading Y and the part was about the Amazon women. It was funny to think of the biases of each group and how generally, feminists are regarded as of Amazonian type (which are feisty and man-hater.)

so next on my list. Fast Food Nation (gathering up my energy to finish it before the semester ends...for school), Catch 22 (so that i can return it to the school library on time), Nights At Rodanthe (because i have not finished it), and my readings for my paper (which oooh... i havent started yet!)

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