after three drafts

Fish Tank is overjoyed! after a long day in the Fish Tank's life, she was still pumped up to eat hearty and do the pile of dishes in the sink. why?

she was watching Fox News be tame and sullen in tone as they reported that Senator Barack Obama has led the tally of voting returns. yahoo! the slap in the ass, Fox!

right now, i am actually too sleepy but i cannot help but to go around the blog roll and try to keep up with everyones thoughts about the election, voting, and the turn out. it is truly marvelous, and after three drafts of thinking what exactly should i say, i still do not have enough words to express my glee to these events.

my words are at a loss here. all i gotta say is, America is now officially an Obama-nation!!! Today is a bright new day, and as what Wunderkraut said: Congratulations, America!

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