S the F Up!

 The Charles Gibson Interview on Sarah Palin with the specific discussion on her reference to God and the war 

i think i watch too much Fox News and i have high blood pressure. you see, when the lipstick on a pig statement came out, they had a very malicious understanding of it. it goes to show that they have dirty minds. hihihi! anyhow, with this now, the Sarah Palin talk on God's plan and the war, this is something that they are trying to justify yet they cannot hide the fact that this is a misused quotation. i mean, heck! there is more to understanding than quoting a historical figure. what she cannot do is justify properly why she used it.

"I believe that there is a plan for this world and that plan for this world is for good." for everyones good, please do not win, coz it means that the evil of justifying a war and more bloodshed do not agree with God's plan of peace and goodness in this world. as ive said, Jesus Christ preached, and not held a gun or a sword.

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