The Recovery Plan

 Bush Calls Financial Bailout an "Extraordinary Deal"

it was never a question how the economic recovery package can help the economy. just like what it did with the mortgage companies two weeks ago, it was able to resuscitate the economy and try to jump start these fallen ones. yet the question is, is it even a sound decision?

hearing that Pres Bush say that he is confident that the bill will be passed because it will help the economy, well, i dont need to be reminded how it can help the economy Mr President. what it cannot help us is when you term in office, hand over the power to someone else, and you wont even give a shit to what happens to everyone else who gets to reap the effects of having this damn bill. it will help now but will it help everyone else 20 years from now?

what you do today always has an effect for tomorrow, and a recovery package is not an answer. the recovery package is like your donut tire at the back of your car. it helps u go to the next car shop to have your tire fixed, but it cannot help you go to NY from MD. a recovery package should be like CPR. CPR gives back life to a person and helps him get back on his feet. there is more to just throwing in a bucket of dollar bills.

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