with the McCain RNC speech, there were some things i thought of (amongst many):
1. it is hilarious to hear him mention about change when either (a) the only change we will see when he is President is a change of face but not of the policies, and (b) he admits that either America became worse or nothing good happened with the last eight years of his Republican compadre.
2. how can he lead when he cannot make his fellow Republicans calm down and listen to him?

PS: unfortunately, i am too tired and got so sleepy with his 45 minute speech. i shall lay down my head and wait for the transcript and give you more insights about it. lets just say i didnt bring my pad and pen while trying to listen to him.

PPS: to quote that quote box on the side, by Queen Julianna of the Netherlands
"I can't understand it. I can't even understand the people who can understand it."

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