Obsessed with the Green Archers

 i found out today that De La Salle University- Manila's Green Archers Men's Basketball team is up to defend their title.


every UAAP season ignites this passion that lives within any college student or alumnus of any of the participating college/university in the UAAP (or even the NCAA i guess). it is manifesting me again as my dear Archers are part of the Final Four in the Men's Basketball, the event that is the soul of UAAP. there are other events (such as Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Volleyball, etc.) but as I've said, Men's Basketball is the soul. this is where fraternity is strengthened (however gender biased that may sound), this is where rivalries are further ignited (im watching you Blue Eagles! j/k!), and this is where you feel where you should belong.

i miss watching UAAP games live on TV. i miss watching it live, in the midst of green shirts. i miss being in the middle of a crowd of green and just shouting to the top of your lungs (and the following day you come to class and put up a sign "i cannot talk!").

good luck my Green Archers! Animo La Salle!

This is a fan obsessed site dedicated to our Green Archers. listen to the tunes. listen to the various mixes of our Alma Mater song. its funny to hear all these songs first thing in the morning.Obsessed with the Green Archers

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