"It's official. The changing of the guards in Wimbledon."--- Ted Robinson

ok, after five sets, i take it back. this game was fu**ing great! im breaking into tears, just like Rafa. no, im not in tears of joy for Rafa. im weeping like the rest of the RF team. but really, like the closest to RF (ie: Roger's dad, mom, and girl), seeing Rafa run to the box, the same box where they were and the RN team (ie: Rafa's dad, mom, and coach), all we could do was clap for this 22 year old boy from Mallorca.

John McEnroe was thankful to these two for giving us the most entertaining and most thrilling finals game in Wimbledon. The last three sets, painfully extended due to two rain delays, was worth the sitting on the couch the whole time (actually, i wasnt really sitting on the couch the whole time, i was standing up at some point, pumping my fist on the air, jumping around. yes! i know. hardcore watching.) (View the results here) Since the first two sets, all i prayed for was that either Roger wins his sixth title or Rafa wins it but not in a three set match. the game supposedly started at 2pm in London, but it ended at around 9pm (London time too).

"This is an epic game!" Yes it is. This is one for the books, yet with all these things, the younger player named Rafa is a humble lad who picks up the trophy but gives admiration to the one he defeated. Like his French Open speech this year, he gives a hats off to the man he dethroned, for beating his wits till the final moment. It was "never say die" for Roger, yet that last rally, the shot that sealed the deal, was indeed remarkable.

Rafa's game has truly changed all the more this year. He will end up number one in this year's ATP race with Djokovic and Federer trailing too far from him. With him winning Wimbledon, he has a big chance of getting the US Open trophy also. That is my feeling about it.

oh! of course i want Roger to get the US Open trophy. of course, he is still my boy! go RF!

PS: by the way, Viva Espana! Euro Cup 08 plus the Wimbledon 08. parties overflowing i guess!

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SoNSo1 said...

Hey don't forget Alejandro Valverde, the spanish national champion, is in the yellow jersey in le tour de france.

m a r g e said...

stage two...

ok fine!