and a word from Iz...

i did not kick her.

this is the whole story. so i had to answer the phone while the kids were in the playroom. then as i turned my back on them, the little girl was crying and screaming. then as soon as i put down the phone, i had to ask what happened. though Olivia stopped screaming, i still had to interrogate. this is the conversation i had with Iz.

M: what happened?
I: she's not crying anymore.
M: but why was she crying?
I: she's not crying anymore.
M: did you grab her card (flash cards)?
I: no.
M: did you hit her?
I: no. (stops, then flutters her eyes to answer) i did not kick her.
M: Izzy, i did not ask if you kicked her.

of course you have to put on a straight face! but really, i was ready to burst out laughing. geez! this girl is a trip!!!

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m said...

i sure hope they make military school for girls. cuz otherwise rod n ness are screwed.

wunderkraut said...

got to love the iz...

m a r g e said...

@m: hopefully the Catholic school will suffice it. and she also just needs to appreciate having her sister (or sibling/s in general?) =)

@wunderkraut: oh yes! and she can form some quotations.

m said...

nothing makes you want to rebel more than catholic school. seriously, rod n ness are screwed. lol

m a r g e said...

=) still wishing for the best... =D