uhmm... maybe next time

if u check my edit posts link, i have three on drafts. i have eight drafts on my other blog, and i have a page unfinished hand written essay that serves as my review of speed racer and vertigo. i hope no one is waiting for that. im just exhausted and my brain is so, but as i expressed on my previous post, the week has been fun. it was too fast though, especially the weekend. i wish there were more hours or maybe days for weekends. hmmm... that wouldnt be so bad.

ahhh! i need to watch Grey's again and get that line from their dialogue! i need to read my essay and finish it again! and i just have to listen to more songs to rest my mind. or maybe get one of the books on my shelf and just read a blast now.

ahhh.. it is my summer break. cant wait for the vacation itself. beach anyone?

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