throwing tantrums

i had a heavy heart going to class today, when i got there, i knew why.

i didnt want to go to class today. for some reason, i didnt feel like it. i felt that there were other things that i needed to do, and going to class will be a waste of time (for some reason, i really did feel that). plus, i didnt want to explain about the lacking page for my 5 page paper. i just felt like putting more words will make me jibber-jabber without sense. i hate to see that on my paper. i didnt bring my usual stuff also for class. i told myself, cut me some slack. i dont want a heavy bag today. i purposely forgot, err.. left, my stuff at home. no biggie i guess.

then i rushed to catch the 5pm bus, as usual. slept through the ride, and walked briskly to avoid missing too much from my 545 class (i got here at 555 i guess). thanks to Daft Punk, i was pumped up to walk as fast as i can. but then as i reached the building, i ended up going to the bathroom for a little break that lasted me a good three minutes, i think. then i went to the second floor, taking my time walking. i really wasnt feeling the energy of going to class.

then, the classroom is closed, and all you have is a note saying class is canceled.


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