post-4 shots of espresso

i was awake most of the night. i slept for like two hours, between 5 and 7. i was awake the whole time. i didnt feel sleepy at all. weird. i was ready for speech class, thus wore a pretty dress. at 230, i was still wearing my pretty dress, and thinking, darn! i shouldnt have worn it today. i didnt do my speech today, it will be on tuesday still.

office was a chaos. is it a full moon tonight? the AC in the office has got to have affected patience and brains in that office. i just wanted to tell them to stop and try to calm themselves down, but i guess to tell that to them properly, it entails me to stop and scream somebody's head off to let the message come across. of course, what your brain thinks is not the same what you do. i ended up trying to go and look for fresh air, or i went to my little corner hiding place to breathe in and breathe out and let the bad vibes roll out my chest. hmmm....haaaahhhh....

ahhh... 3 minutes from now. its officially Friday. now i shall sleep. =)

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