Miami Sony Ericsson Open

geez! this is freaky. no offense to Nadal, but if he wins, I, a self-confessed Feds fan, is freaked out that Feds, after weeks of being the world's number one, shall be kicked from the throne. *teeth chattering*

Miami finals will end with a Nadal-Davydenko match. my bet is on Davydenko though for some reason. look, its not that I dont like Nadal, which i never said i didnt like him (nor is there any reason to not like him?), its just that Davydenko always has this strong hand in playing. i dunno though. Nadal is good, but in a couple of matches that I've seen Davydenko play, it is making me bet on him.

Roddick won over Feds the other day, Roddick lost to Davydenko.

where is Novak? great Novak! you let me down now. =(

Jankovic lost to Serena Williams on the Finals.

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