About A Girl

thanks to Anj, im sleeping at 430. she got me into watching a marathon over the net of my other fave show, About A Girl. everyone knows that my chic shows are limited, and the Hills, Gossip Girl, and the like are not part of it. About A Girl, just like the other my show, My Boys, is a girl in the midst of having to deal with guy friends. it strikes the balance between being "the girl" and being "the guy", and lets the two ends meet and understand in its own way. however, unlike PJ and Brendan, Amy and Jason have not dated yet, but has this physical and emotional attraction that they dont want to jump onto yet. why? coz of being the room mates, which for them makes it odd for the rest of the guys also. though on the last episode for the marathon that i just saw, which was the "Homecoming" episode, Jason asks Amy out! he tries to ask her officially!!! *caramel drizzle sweet!* gosh! of course i cannot contain myself from shrieking and giggling too much. wow! that was such a thrill again for me to do an all night marathon. 

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One Little Seedling said...

Ahhh. So that's why my connection drops.

m a r g e said...

haha! =)