Definitely, Maybe

 it all starts with Abigail Breslin's school having a talk about sex on their SexEd class. as they went home, Maya (Breslin) kept asking her dad (in a trivial loud voice) about "thrusts" and "penis" which gave William (Reynolds) a blush on the cheek. then there was the talk about one of her classmates being an "accident".
"What is an accident?" "Its not like slipping on a banana peel... Its when they were not ready to have a baby yet." "Am I an accident?" "No. We knew what we were doing." (and oh! i forgot, "why did they have sex if they were not ready yet?" "because they were practicing.")

the movie is rather long, yet there were a couple of things that came up. it was really the life of William Hayes, and how he ended up being a dad and a divorcee and how he became an employee of an advertising firm promoting Cap'n Crunch cereal (no, not really this). The movie was rather intriguing for me from the start, not because i wanted to know who Maya's mom was, but because you just want to watch the movie. I am glad I did watch it. it was a cheese ball attack yet it was decent enough (quote-unquote from my text message last night). he had a dream, followed his dream, had a broken heart, went on with life, dated this opportunist (who by the way, had a hot affair with his ex-girlfriend), he almost proposed to her, broke his heart for smearing the campaign of his boss, went on with life... and in between all these things, there was one person that stood by him. Isla Fischer. yeah.

she was April, the "friend". they were afraid to jump into a relationship which is more than being friends. they have some passion for each other, yet they were both afraid to "love" each other and be consumed with passion that in the end, they might hurt each others feelings. they were i guess afraid also to "fall in love" at that time since they had their hang-ups and relationships. but through all the troubles in their lives, they were together... as friends. *a sad face for April* (why?) coz in the movie, she obviously liked him, just that they were putting boundaries on their relationship. how she reacted when he picked out a ring for the other girl... waah! it was such a give away! she was hurt!!!

i liked the movie for it gave me a cheese ball attack. other than that, there is not much to dig about it. oh yeah! maybe the fact that he was politically inclined too, and April ended up working in AI. hehe! =)


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♥Nova-san said...

I was browsing through Blogger and came upon your site.

I've been wanting to watch this movie because I heard that it's from the same people that did "Love Actually" (one of my favorite movies). Your write-up actually makes me want to watch the movie, if for no other reason than I like, actually love, cheeseball movies. =)

m a r g e said...

thanks that it made me persuade u to watch it. its really nice, though it doesnt like set a different tone other than him having a kid. but i guess the good part in the movie, which i failed to mention in my post, is that Maya was not arrogant as to giving her dad the happiness he deserves. she was not seeking the usual divorced couple's kid's syndrome where they want their parents to get back together whatever it takes. she was giving. she only cared for her dads happiness, even if it entailed her parents to stay separated and her dad ending up with another woman instead. (oops! spoiler!)