saving your files...

 so i didnt bring my laptop today in school coz i dont want to end up being the only one to have a laptop again in my English class. through the troubles of booting up the computer which was rather slow, to the new Office Word in PC format, i survived and was able to finish my work ahead of time. so in a "not your computer" fashion, i saved my work on a flash disk and went out of the room.

now i tried transferring the file inside my computer

i cant. its on Zip

what? how did that happen?

right now, all i can say is i dont know. either i wasnt paying attention to the prompts or it just fucked itself up.

right?!? good luck on revision time!

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SoNSo1 said...

Sounds like you should bring your laptop in next time.

I do.

And then today the instructor said he doesn't like it if you surf the net while he teaches. What ever! It's going to be a long semester.

m a r g e said...

ahhhh..... that is not a good thing. well though thats how my professor did before, but of course i was taking notes also really, but then i was also chatting and surfing the net, maybe i was even blogging one time. haha!

and maybe i shall bring my computer on Thursdays... because i need it and it rocks than the school PCs. haha!