no eyeglass day

not exactly. didnt even last a day. damn it! i was getting successful with it, but i guess i cant handle watching a movie without clearly seeing the details.

i tried on not wearing my glasses for a day. for a change maybe, and damn, i think glasses are pretty heavy. i dunno. im just stubborn for having one. so i tried not wearing them, but brought my sunglass and my eyeglasses in case i really need it. sunglasses helped me from the sun (why, of course!). it made me be able to see things without completely squinting. but that was part of observation number one, there was the bad feeling on my sinus area. i dunno but my sinus area were feeling a little painful, then i squinted my eyes more thru my sunglass to get used to the light. worked a bit. then i had to use the little ATM machine in the diner. i had my eyeglass on my hand but was not using it. i had to stoop down to look closely at the details on the LCD. damn! light is quite reflecting. sigh! i was able to use it though still without my glasses. now here is event number one. the salt incident. so eating at the diner, i was looking for the salty taste of a potato. so i asked the Seed if there's any on his side (by the way, we were seated on the bar). so he said none. then the waitress asked us how we were doing, then so i asked her for some salt. she was like, oh! no salt on this table? then she looked to my right and there was the salt and pepper shakers. great! nice experiment Marge! then there's watching Jumper with occasionally trying to not wear it, but when i think that i need to see something (which wasnt a lot by the way), i grabbed my eyeglass. when i dont need to see Hayden being cheesy or something, then i took it off. then theres the trouble of being far from the TV screen and watching a black and white movie. there i really had to wear my glasses. it was too much suffering for me to watch without knowing all the details. what is watching anyway when you cant see it? (basically, its not gonna be called watching anymore).

so there is my experiment. i shall try it again, but not sure when. maybe when i dont have to watch a movie. but the other problem, and i pretty know how it feels and how it is gonna go is that if i dont have my glasses on and begin talking to you, i partly wouldnt understand what you were saying. and in passing, i wouldnt even recognize you but be one of the blurry image walking or trying to talk to me.

so what now? wear my glasses still, or yeah, try getting contacts.

4 R a v e s:

One Little Seedling said...

You should wear your glasses.

m a r g e said...

its fun to not wear it once in a while tho. =) but then i suffer and i will have to ask everyone what the heck is going on. =p

SoNSo1 said...

Wear your glasses if you are going to watch a movie. Or if you are driving a car. Or doing something with tiny little screws. Otherwise, don't.

I just don't get it.

m a r g e said...

i should wear my glasses, yeah. but i dont get ur last point. =D