A Month After... Here I Go Again!

 i was browsing thru some pages in Inquirer's Soundtrip and found this post about the VH1 100 Greatest Hits of the 90s. it was a wonderful discussion here in this page, and while reading on it and reading the comments as well, i looked back and poured in some more "sentiments" about this topic. some of it were like a repetition, but i think something new came up with it also.

this has actually been a matter of a nice conversation when i posted the same thing on my blog. it was reminiscent of the 90s yet to call these songs the Greatest is an understatement. there are a lot more great songs during the 90s but were not given the limelight. i think that VH1 forgot to do a narrow down of what falls under “great”. they forgot to categorize and simplify, thus end with a list that was based on how people thought it off in general. its like a Karaoke song list if you look at it. a mesh up of the songs you’d probably be belting with your friends. they forgot a great deal of artists that contributed on the 90s scene. they forgot the more popular songs by one hit wonders that influenced the life and beat of the listening public. they forgot some of Britain’s best bands, and the French also had good bands at this time. it was too broad a category that they left to a poll. i hope someone can come up with a list of Songs of the 90s and base it on something more proper to measure, like all the Number One Songs from Billboard, most requested song on TRL, or something much more measurable. if they do something like this again, it will only be contestable.
--- from Inquirer's Soundtrip "Nostalgia"

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