im a little psyched right now

between school stuff and everything else in life, i have planned to add this monumental thing in my life to enjoy (?) the World Bank released last January their annual Essay Competition and this year, it is talking about the city of your dreams.
what is the city of my dreams by the way?
i quite dont know yet, but i was pondering over this and thought about the two cities where ive lived, and the cities that i dreamt of living. maybe that could be a good start where i can write this essay.

im a little excited right now... =)

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SoNSo1 said...

I know I've linked to this site before. But perfect city right now, for me: Copenhagen. Shit, man, girls on bikes, in heels, in the freezing cold, wearing skirts?! Woohoo! I'm so there!

Really, any city with a thriving bike commuting community.


m a r g e said...

now why would i want to say something about girls? haha! my dream city is a city not on planet Earth. Tatooine maybe, if all else is perfect.