we are in the age of deep thinking and being in the slump. yes. in the midst of our coffee sessions last night, we were trying to examine the difficulty that we have with writing. we are hopeless. that is what we said. we are hopeless blog writers who are struggling between making sense and creating an audience. we are also hopeless bloggers who are torn between being understood and being incredibly logical (and those words do not make complete sense to me right now).

2/3 admit to procrastinate. Seed is the one who doesnt like procrastinating as he is doomed to fail if he does so (or thats what he says). me and Browser are the procrastinators. nice to hear it from two people who lock themselves inside the house during school time. haha! but to each his or her own value and to each his or her own view.

so we were talking about making essays. when i make essays, i TRY to have an outline as much as possible. this gives me like an idea of how i want the essay to look like or how i want it to flow. usually, i create an outline right after i have thought about a question deeply. it makes me not want to waste any important word that i can think of. my next step is writing my introduction. usually i am fast with this one coz since the time i was thinking of the outline, i was writing the introduction in my head. basic principle in introduction: the presence of the thesis statement. then i refer to my outline or notes. these are the words that should be present, these are the stuff i need to write about. this is the parameter of my discussion, so on and so forth.

then i stop. (take for example an essay test where u have 30 minutes per question). imagine me shaking my right hand and rubbing my forehead. then i take of my glasses, and put my head down. recharge.

after around a minute, sometimes three, i go back and refer to my notes and compare it with what ive written. i try to think if i still have the same frame of thought from earlier. i look down at the question. yes, these are right, but this sentence does not seem to agree with the other one. erase. rephrase. edit. capitalize. change your word. that doesnt make sense. then write again.

when i get to the end of the essay's body, thats when i stop again. unfortunately, as i have ease with making introductions, i always have trouble with conclusions. i always want my last sentence after the summary to be the quote i will be famous for, or something like that. something striking even after people have read the whole essay. i try so hard and end up losing time thus throwing in just anything that i can think of. oh well!

but those are for SCHOOL ESSAYS or SCHOOL PAPERS. blogging is different. our question is, why are we blogging this way?

my answer, coz blogging is more personal and there is not much pressure if u fuck it up or not. if u have misspelled words or incoherent sentences, no one would care. as long as the reader can understand u, what the hell, right? though sometimes, it shall be nice to blog a little different, just like Ono's blogging style or this post by Browser.

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SoNSo1 said...

I've actually been thinking about my writing style for months now. I just hadn't changed because of the school work hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles anytime waiting to fall.

I always, from the start, wanted to write in a more serious tone. Or at least to think about the posts before posting.

I want it to be me, because if you google me, you're going to be directed here first. So I want to present a mature serious style to my writings.

I like blogging. The format makes it nice to have enough to say. Enough is the key. When do I stop and when do I have said my fill? Blog posts are just right.

I don't think I would post long stuff like I did. Rather not from scratch, unless I spend some quality time writing.

I think I really want to get across is that this is me.

m a r g e said...

good for u! i'll leave mine to sheer luck, drive to write, and just plain going with the flow of my brain.

One Little Seedling said...

I'm a HUGE procrastinator. I'm just saying in College I wasn't because I felt I had something to prove. I actually took my time and tried to develop the papers. Also because I had to relearn everything about writing I couldn't just whip anything up.

But now... I just feel I have nothing to say. Nothing important to write. There is no breath in me. Has nothing to do with procastination. I just don't like some of my writing so I either scrap it or just leave it unpublished. Sometimes I publish it on my personal blog.

When I'm really into something I actually dig my feet into it. When I don't, I drag on and on. That is a MAJOR flaw with me.

m a r g e said...

"When I'm really into something I actually dig my feet into it. When I don't, I drag on and on. That is a MAJOR flaw with me." -- Seed

*i had to highlight that coz i should say AMEN! example, that is why i didnt like my last English class coz they were forcing me to do something i didnt want. i signed up for English lit to make more pieces, not English lit to read and analyze other peoples pieces.*