Harry Potter Movie # 8?

 maybe even Harry himself freaked out with the idea... Warner Bros to Make Eighth Harry Potter Movie?!

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One Little Seedling said...

Thank God they didn't do that with the rest of the films. I think the streamlined versions work well and are elegant versions of whatever the book is.

But this seems like a good way to finish it.

But then again I haven't read the books.

Return Of The King's Extended version was a bit much. There was no real reason for it when you consider the fact that it was completed after the other extended versons reached DVD. I felt he already took care of what needed to be said. But it's funny that if you take out the extended versions of the first 2 it hurts the third film. The gifts from Galdriel and Faramir's character are major points left out of the original first and second film.

SoNSo1 said...

what a rip. They want to keep this thing going. You would think that the last two should be four movies. What a way to keep this thin going!!!

m a r g e said...

i dunno. it will defy the purpose of the Harry Potter series as books. if they slice it in two, it becomes a volume in the encyclopedia.

(great! im not thinking well enough)

SoNSo1 said...

You're absolutely right about that. There was and is no book 8. Let's keep it to 7.

But, the HP series would make a brilliant sitcom: "Hogwarts!" Harry and his pals adventures during the other times that were not written about in the books. Filler. What really happened on summer vacation? Harry learns to swim! What about those gen-eds that Harry had to take like English Lit? His fourth period class with fuddy-duddy muggle Mrs. Sizawick. Oh how the wizards tormented her! And on and on it would go!

m a r g e said...

is that like Terminator: The Sarah Connors Chronicles?

One Little Seedling said...

I never read the books, but it doesn't bother me that there's two films.

If they feel the need to split the book then I'll see what they have to offer. Of course this could backfire if no one gives a poop about the first installment. We'll see. I guess it really depends on who the director is. If it's Cuoran directing again then I'll gladly sit through a split film. If it's Columbus on the other hand, I'll just sit it out.

Speaking of adaptations "Oil"is a pretty good read so far.

SoNSo1 said...

"Hogwarts!" will be like the british office. Or maybe NewsRadio?

m a r g e said...

dont worry seed, i havent read the books. with having 7 books, i dont think i can still catch up on that. and it takes me to really have the taste to like the first one to get me thru the whole series. and as experienced before, i didnt enjoy the first one so.... never mind reading! =p

browser, id jut say the british office (tho ive only seen a few episodes) coz ive not seen a newsradio episode. =)