10 Days of January

saw three movies on the big screen so far, one on small screen , and another on a smaller screen. this is a rundown.

(1) Juno 3/5 nice cute movie. ellen page acted good.
(2) Walk Hard: A Dewey Cox Story 3/5 like what i said somewhere, it was as entertaining to see as Enchanted, though u knew that this one will be a silly movie, so you didnt give too much expectations. it entertained me while watching it but did not leave an impression.
(3) The Descent 3/5 good for freaking us all out. crawlers!
(4) Pinoy Blonde 3/5 it was a good movie with a pretty silly script. Filipino indie. entertaining too.
(5) Atonement 3/5 sad. what else can i say?

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One Little Seedling said...

Man your turning into a Browser Metrics. 3 stars down the line. Hee hee. I think "Dewey" get's 2 from me. "Atonement" is a solid 3. It should have been 4, but it's a movie that's "what you see is what you get". It had interesting ideas, but I don't know if that's what was intended. It seemed to have layers of ideas about the silliness of social divide in England. The whole idea of how men end up at war can be so random. It's like "we'll get these left overs from our society and drop in the middle of combat because that got no other use. The beach scene told it without hitting you over the head. It was interesting, but it seemed there wasn't enough bite and it went for the drama thingy instead. Maybe I'll dig more on home rental for a second viewing.

But "The Descent"? That's a fun well designed fright fest with characters that you actually enjoy watching. The reason why it's so creepy is because you see characters in a state of fear not just pieces of meat waiting to be slayed.

It's fun damn movie. I give it 4 stars now that I think about it. I originally gave it 3 myself. But it wasn't till the second viewing and seeing how it held up changed my mind. Just now.

SoNSo1 said...

3 stars is perfect. Don't listen to that dude.

I don't think that Atonement was after the social divide. I think that hindered their love. It's why she was cautious, but I was not the central theme of the movie. The main theme was overcoming guilt. Briony wrote the story to assuage herself of the pain she caused to her sister. I was struck senseless by the turn of events. It sucked because I so wanted them to make up.

More interesting was the typewriter sfx as part of the soundtrack. I knew she was writing, but never knew it for the false story it ended up being.

The Descent is much better the second time around.

m a r g e said...

haha! i was thinking i changed one or two ratings there! i didnt realize i ended up with all 3/5. i dunno. and yeah, in the browsermetrics spirit... run down. haha!

i do agree with the social divide aspect in Atonement, and the prisoners getting a chance to serve the country or serve a life sentence, well, i know it happened in some places. its the war era. WWII. they needed a lot of people in the battle field. the beach scene was okay but was 30 seconds too long. at first it was okay but the mid part u begin to wonder, whats the point now? is it to show what happens to soldiers on wars in foreign lands before or even now? is it in defiance to the war in Iraq or wars in general? but the coolest thing that will give another star to this movie is my fave scene... the flickering light with the sound of the typewriter on the background while she was in the sub. i dunno. i liked that. and yes, it the ending sucked. it was like 13 Going on 30 in a different manner.

i originally was going to give Walk Hard 2 stars for being silly, but the thing is i knew it was silly so and it proved to be one so why rob it off from a star?