Random Talk

after class, i went to the cafeteria to get my dose of coffee. as i was on line waiting for my turn, i turned to the junk food section, where chips were, and not noticed that there was a girl beside me. so when i saw her, she asked, "are you on line?" so i said, "you can go ahead of me." then she started a funny small talk.... actually afterwards it was freaking me out.

"i bought this coz they will close later" (this referring to a pepsi bottle.) "ok," i said, with a smile.
"you know im diabetic. but ive lost some weight. i was size 16 before, now im a 6. i lost a lot of pounds. i do not eat chips anymore (referring to the chips i have on hand)." and all i said was, "yeah." "is that so", "good for you, i wish i can do that". and a smile. but thats not where it ended..

i sat on the table i reserved for myself, where i also put my stuff so i can hopefully charge my laptop, then she was on the table beside me. she stood up and went to my table. she was telling me about the classes that she'll be going to, how afterwards she'll go to work, how long her trip home is, how strict her boss is with uniforms, how one co-worker defied the rules and was reprimanded. all that stuff! man! i was like, i need some quiet time! plus, i cannot find my laptop charger, and im freaking out! cant she see that i was going through the recesses of my bag looking for something?

not that i want to bitch her out right off, i feel sorry for her for encountering a stupid like me. i mean, i really tend to be a snob. i know that. and i am just not in the mood for any surprising twists in my simple life. and i think she has a little problem... mentally, which makes me feel sorry for her that she had an encounter with me.

God bless her! and be nice to others for me.

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