That Film is Called: was it taken from my life story?

duh! of course not!

but maybe anyone who'll see it or who saw it will think the same way. Because I Said So has that character in us. the mother who nags or tries to control us, the daughter who would ask to be pardoned from this whole mom situation, the sister who would like to have the best for both parties, but of course it was up to them to mend their life, the awesome ordinary guy (who is human by the way), and a guy who would've blown the toupee off that bald guy.

to be honest, i have the tendency to be the daughter who listens but just listens, and sometimes i am that person who gets into the saturation point where i burst. at least im being honest, i am an imperfect person anyway.

Now, to get on with this movie. i have to break down my comment into points. in no particular order, these are my observations with the movie.

1) i thought mandy moore wouldnt sing and pout.
2) mandy moore and diane keaton moved a lot!!! and i mean moved! the start was ok, but as i get to notice it in every scene, i kindda am getting anoyed, especially when the "sisters" are just standing or sitting there and acting normal.
3) tom everett scott portrayed the airy guy! amen performance for this movie. makes you hate those kind of guys.
4) did you notice that she didnt snort at that Johnny guy? They shouldve made it like mandy moore does the snorty laugh to turn off guys she doesnt like.
5) oh my gosh! 2 weeks in a row! someone wrote on a girls hand!!!! the makeshift temp tatoo!!!
6) isnt that weird that your mom dated and got married to your boyfriends dad? how will you still get married?!?
7) mandy moore grew up. she matured.
8) the meaning of each scene and the meaning of the dialogues are pretty nice coz u get to see your situation in it.
9) nice for moms and daughters (or even sons) to watch coz it gives you the creeps and say, do i do that?! do i talk like that?
10) makes you treasure your parents, at the same time laugh at the funny things that are similar to your own life events. and yeah, makes you think if child rearing is genetic or social or in some way hereditary (thru how u saw ur own life or something).

so still worth watching, good thing it didnt really push for people to cry. or did it do that and i didnt react? hah! whatever.

PS: after the movie, i saw a message on my cell, it was from my mom. and i smirked (insane smirk i guess).


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