thanking the stars

i thank the stars for refusing to align mine with someone elses.

in my hours of boredom, i tend to stress myself out by looking at the sites of my former friends, enemies, and the specials. one special person that i remember having in life is someone by the name of "hmmph!"

ive known him when we were little. we kindda grew up together. i know his family, and vice versa. there was the mutual attraction, plus the sabotaged puppy love. but as we got older, we were not meeting eye to eye anymore. we quite have become estranged to each other, that we never talked, never even said hi. after my hybernation, we never saw each other again.

i still know his family and do have contact with them. at first it was for the selfish reason of linking me to him still, but as days passed, i grew out of my silliness.

then now, i found out that he is only states away from me, though he have found himself someone that he'll live his life with to forever. he looks fine, she looks fine. i think they look happy together, full of love and affection for each other. and for a funny instance, while reading thru it more, it may be that our worlds might be small, and we might end up seeing each other again in the near future.

but then, i thank the stars for not aligning my path to him. i wouldnt trade what i have now for anything in this world. i have no regrets, no inhibitions. though i may have the single girls pathetic life, i am still happy with it. (of course, there's one life to live, so i live it fully and happily!)

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