i need to reset my stat counter. i think it is like a messed up stat counter. i have an insane 100++ number on the counter, and it just adds up when i open my own page! damn! i should be able to control this thing and make it realistic!


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SoNSo1 said...

Did you set the cookie for your machine?

That may help. I notice too that I get myself on there. I just try not to look at total count.

Marge Mateo said...

yeah that was really crazy. funny crazy though. its only been up for 3 days!

and by the way, for a side track, dont read the stuff in the box. its feb this month. you'll freak out. read it next time. haha!


Marge Mateo said...

there's only one button to click for the cookies and its inside the stat counter site. i just found out now