in three parts

 02192007 blog notes

--> i am a nervous wreck! ive been nervous since 7am. the sign says no cellphones allowed. i opened my cell coz that is there i kept my tupid id#. wait, i guess the id# is not stupid, its me! grr!!! first thing we did was a diagnostic test. i did fairly well for the first part. my prob is im a sleepy head. why in the world did i even get a little sick today! its making me darn sleepy! fairly well is not good for me. i want better than fairly well!
i have 4 classmates, 4 girl classmates, plus a female prof. nice class aint it? i feel so old! i think they are straight out of HS kids. darn it! its a sign, i called them kids. i am really freaking old!

CLASS ENDED 15MINS AGO. time now is 11:52. first day of class is so fun (im exaggerating)! i went back to the diagnotic center. my essay was pretty well. darn! i still dont like pretty well. they explained what the test was for. to enhance your skill and start off from the area that you are weak. im getting to be an OC. perfectionist! i dunno. but then im giving myself my reason for not being perfect. coz im really sleeppy. and based on how my classmates were saying their scores, i did well. hehe! glorifying my ass! not that im to down anyone, just saying that i shouldnt feel bad about myself. (yeah whatever!) now i know im back to being in school and studying. my competitive temperament is building in me (goes also with being alone so far). heck! though, not related, im still a blogger. this is what im thinking in my spare time.

PART III: WAITING. im waiting for my tita to pick me up. as im seated in this plush purple seat, i am browsing thru my $30 little book for my english class. seeing the table of contents made me realize why i never liked english class. i like it when we do essays and other literary stuff, even research is fun for me because i tend to do what i want. but talk about the technical stuff in english, that i have to reconsider. of course, in order to pass, i have to undergo it, and it means i have to drink lots of water to let it settle down in my system and not make me vomit. coz if i vomit, thats the end for my studying stint. im done! right now ive finished 3pcs of chocolate and my water. im a chocoholic!!! also, for those who care to be informed, i am thinking of him right now. yeehee! nothing. just thinking of that person. i feel "happy" that way (?). this is crazy!

***roll call: thanks to a lot of people today, and special mention to The Seed.***

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