i am serious

i am bloggy serious!

with the Browser changing his blog's face, i get to think about my frustrating state of changing mine too. unfortunate or not, the least i can do right now is do add on stuff for this blog. and i got inspired with an existing immobile account that i have with Multiply. they have this feature where you can add on music in your blog. actually, you can add on music to your entire page, since multiply isnt ony a blogging site, but a networking site. so they are making things fun for their users there.

so on the side, below the shoutouts, is a new eye sore. i hope you still enjoy that gray beast there.

now i think the gray beast is a stale gray beast! i was trying it and i dont think it was working. this is a useless piece of shit! but ok, im not giving up in less than 24 hours of its existence. try it and if it works on you, tell me. then it might just be my sad misery of impatience.

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