2nd year high

i cannot remember who was it? was it you phoebe?

here's the story. me and my friend were going up the stairs with a whole bunch of people, going back to class. we were at the steps going to where the student affairs office is. we were talking about our prof that time. my friend was saying she hated how she talked, how she made her decision on something, and all that. i too at that time was pretty pissed with that prof. but for some reason, the multitude of people made me not want to talk about the prof. but a funny thing happened.

as my friend was mentioning her name, i suddenly looked at the corner of my eyes, and just kept silent. my friend who kept on blabbing about it stopped also, and looked at me. i had this look that someone was listening. the look of guilt, and worst, coz we were guilty we were talking about that person that was looking at us. then she looked back, no one was there. and i just laughed! my friend slapped me on my arm! "thanks for scaring me!" she said.

it all of a sudden just came to my mind. how im such a faker sometimes! my friend gave me a best actress award. haha! =o)

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