Date on a Thursday night

Onocoffee asked me on Twitter earlier, "date on a Thursday night?" in response to my tweet "My date is almost done... =( "   Yes I went on a date this Thursday night to have a personal celebration over some hotdog sandwich, Doritos and a medium sized soda (gah that's killing me right now...). Cheap date? Not really actually. How about describing to you how sweet the couple beside me are thus making me small? Ehhh...

But as I saw my date's toys, I knew I was up and glued.

Wait a sec, what toys?

Oh I didn't tell you right away, I was in this dark room with my man Bruce Wayne. Yeaaahhh... And honestly, I was all his if he wanted to.

So lets go to the real reason why I'm writing here, to spoil you. YESSS!!! No, I wouldn't be that bad to do that to you.

Anyone who personally knows me or really knows me, knows these facts:
(2) DC is my favorite universe
(3) Christopher Nolan movies make me too excited.

So just imagine how I didn't wait another day pass without watching "The Dark Knight Rises".

The movie's premise tells us the story of Gotham City eight years after the death of Harvey Dent. Crime rate is low and the Dent Law just put a lot of those goons in jail. Then there's the ole' Bruce Wayne and the caped crusader is in hiding because he didn't have that energy to just be battling those goonies, whoever of them is left. Then there is Bane, the guy who would've borrowed the words "puny god" and throw Batman on the walls. There are other characters who in the process of the story you will find out what their real purpose in the story is, and it was great!

Now I stop there so as not to spoil your appetite to watch this movie. What I can tell you though is that "The Dark Knight Rises" = mob rule + occupy "Gotham" + caped crusader, or maybe there are missing stuff in this equation.

Ok, I will try to stop here and tell you more about the movie once almost everyone I know have seen it. I'm inspired to write these days and writing a movie review would be awesome.

How great is my date though? In a scale of 1-5 stars, I'd give a flat 4. There were some bad edits or jumps or is it the movie itself or just that thing with the reel? Then there's also the blown out a bit proportion of the story. Otherwise, I liked a lot of the movies components. It just built up to something really wonderful.

So I'll be back later on telling you more about this "date".

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