quick movie rating

The Three Musketeers- swear i hardly remember anything except how King Louis XIII was a character! also how Orlando Bloom channeled his inner Johnny-Depp-is-a-pirate. (2/5)

Paranormal Activity 3- the invention was hilarious! and really, i just cant get to it that much. i still vote for the 1st PA as the better PA. (2/5)

Friends With Benefits- oh gosh! (3.5/5)

Fright Night- one silly movie! (2.5/5)

Horrible Bosses- its crazy! (3/5)

Real Steel- better than what i've expected. (3/5)

Crazy, Stupid, Love- it was the saddest, funnest, cutest movie on this list (4/5)

Abduction- this movie was quite a crazy thing to watch. (3/5)

Johnny English- one of those movies i enjoyed a lot coz you'll just be laughing from start to finish. (4/5)

Glee: The 3D Concert- JBiebs concert movie was still the better movie. but Frankenteen is sooo cute! (2.5/5)

No Other Woman- a Filipino movie. saw it twice. 'nuf said. (4.5/5)

Praybeyt Benjamin- another Filipino movie. funny but not in that Johnny English way. (3/5)

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