yes, you know what i mean.

ive not been much into Marvel and neither am I well versed, so the expectations were zero. i just wanted to get to watch this movie every girl, excuse me, everyone is raving about so i was there to enjoy the show, and boy did i enjoy it a lot.

no, not because of Thor and his manly physique. i wasnt drooling over that.

you know how much i loved Iron Man and how the latest Batman franchise (aka Nolan version) makes me want to watch it over and over again, but this movie was cute. the story was something any non-comic book fan would like to see, and a tired person like me would want to chill out watching. and this movie is like a chic flick, or a cheesy version of a comic book movie.

sorry fans out there, i really gotta say that.

i saw myself giggling to some of the scenes with Thor and Jane, and how Darcy drools over him, and how Darcy gets to know that other guy, that Thor friend guy, and how Thor's girl friend is kindda looking jealous. yes you know what i mean, some chic flick material there.

but then again where's the comic book material? oh yes, besides the characters and the mythology behind it theres the action scenes. thats quite enjoyable too, like the Thor and Loki, or friends of Thor and that "is that one of Stark's?" robot, or those Frost Giants... wait the Frost Giants have a T-Rex? ok, to move on.

I really didnt get to know Thor until I saw this movie. Thor was a god sent to Earth to find himself. He's too human that he blended right away with the New Mexico society. He was charming, yet he had one weakness, he's fixated with some things in his life. Being named King, his Father and Mother's approval, his people's applause and what strikes most, his hammer. He was fixated with the hammer that he didn't know why it was stuck on the rocks or anvil. Which reminds me why I used the title as such, "Ar-Thor". The hammer stuck on the anvil reminded me of my most loved character in the whole wide world, King Arthur and his Excalibur.

So wait, where am I headed? Nowhere actually, except to remind myself I saw this movie and I could use another viewing just for the giggles.

Rating: 3/5

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