This is for the spontaneity

This is for the spontaneity, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

Let me tell you about my Friday the 13th story. I thought I had things planned out and I am good to go to enjoy NYC, but terribly, thats not what it ended up being. For one, it is the nth time I'm in NY this year that its raining. That weather likes me a lot, its like nature's formula. Second is a nice hotel room. I ended up having a nice hotel room, indeed, just that I wasn't ready to really spend for it. But not everything about last Friday was bad. I shall say, I have to go back to what my title is about.

On a Friday night urge to turn my misadventures around, I conquered my earlier Brooklyn fears (which has the same fears as going to Harlem), and braved going to The Knitting Factory at 9pm. That's what I was there for, to catch Ciudad on their last show in NY, and see my friend too. I was out the hotel doors when I thought of doing that, so without a camera at hand (for one), I took a subway and a cab going to the show. It was like the perfect queue, coz when I entered the venue thru a large door, I saw on stage Ciudad singing. I was least to say, starstruck. I felt gleeful afterwards coz I was thinking, "I did make it!!!" that would've bummed me a lot if I didn't get to hear them, right? to this time, I cant remember how many songs they sang since I got to the venue, but all that matters is that they sang "Dessie Belle" and "Dance Lessons" from "Is That Ciudad? (Yes, Son Its Me)". There were other bands too who played after Ciudad, like the ones on this picture. They're called +/- (and its not an error sign or a CSS mess up there). Plus-slash-Minus is a NY based band, and I've got to say, I loved listening to them too. Versus was another NY based band that's been on the scene for years, and they played well too.

What's fun also, besides getting myself to rock to beats again (yes, I did miss that Manila), is getting to hang out with my friend until what, 4am? It was great to see her and I cannot stop laughing at myself at how admittedly lame I was after being introduced. Just imagine a mix between a fan and a friend, and which ruled what was a complete question. Lets just say I was stupid and lame, really.

Thanks Ciudad and other bands for a great show. I wish I was able to catch every single show you had, but Baltimore is still far. Maybe pretty soon in Manila? We'll see.

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