O's @ Yankees 091109

O's @ Yankees 091109, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

Just posting this because I CANNOT BELIEVE I NEVER POSTED THIS!!! there's not a lot of pictures (5 decent ones to be exact), because i took videos instead. This was the night when Jeter went past Gehrig, and I since I was there in a sea of Yankees fans, I got into the vibe of cheering for Jeter ON THAT POINT ALONE (or add that i prefer him than A.Rod). BUT the brave souled Oriole soaked on the rain, was cheering for her mighty Orioles even if the burly drunk guys standing beside her before she left was threatening that person who cheered when the Orioles made a run (that guy who was 6 guys away from me didnt know that the only girl standing there was the one who cheered. =D)

end of the night (@ 115am i think), was an Oriole win. 10-4

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