when "my boy" seems to be such a failure... or he is!

read: jj-isnt-doing-ok

after the rain delay, it gave game watchers a thrill last night to see if the Orioles would still win it after JJ allowed a Zobrist home run. of course, that really isn't such a thrill at 11pm, when you should be sleeping at this time, and a tie on the 9th isnt the best thing either. good thing Matt Wieters wanted to catch some sleep so he saves the day and homered too, or else we're in for a game up to 1:10am like last Friday.

JJ, oh JJ! i was hoping he would emerge as the next Sherrill (how's Sherrill doing now, in LAD?) but he is failing me. on second thought, i knew that him being the closer (aka new Sherrill) was such a bad idea.

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