This is how close we were to Nicky Boy.

i think i had better shots than this one, but this is like the birds eye view using my phone's camera. this was how close we were to Nick Markakis, and i enjoyed every minute of the game just observing him when he takes his position on right field. it is so different when u see him on TV coz u dont get to see how sullen it is to be there when there are no balls flying to your side. me and Browser were wondering if he moved for the last couple of minutes, and the other thing was Luke Scott, the night's left fielder has been getting the balls all to his side, so that left Nick to chew his gum most of the time.

but that is of course when he's in the outfield. when he was batting, he made me stand up twice when he hit doubles on both times. he was part of what brings the magic and the energy back to the audience. he was part of the runs accumulated for tonight's win, but the night's hero is Melvin Mora who wrapped up the nights 12 inning game (and made us all go home at last) with a home run after two swings (as i recall). it was funny that at this point my energy level was waning, so i shouted, "Melvin, just hit the f***ing ball!" and a little after, i hear Browser tell me, "he's due!" and was he so due for it and hit that f***ing home run! we jumped and high fived, and i shouted too much it hurt my throat. but woohoo! MelMo hit a f***ing home run!!!

its a great day compared to a sad loss the other night, and a lot of the Orioles fans were so lively and energetic that we were able to sustain five or six waves during the ninth inning. beat that Mets fans!

071109 O's 4 - Blue Jays 3

ps: in two nights, im thankful also that tonight i saw Kevin Millar play for the Blue Jays and was able to shout boo to him.

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