Missing: the real Jeremy Guthrie

pitching between 88-95 mph tonight isn't a Jeremy Guthrie style. he is the ace pitcher, yet he is performing like he's from the bullpen. to add to damage is that he has walked batters and cannot throw strikes. its just too painful to watch that i cannot sit still and watch him get through another inning. tonight, i stopped watching after the third inning. i cannot stand thinking that by the end of the game, the O's will lose because of him.

plus, Brian Roberts isn't playing today.

update: Guthrie got replaced by Hendrickson in third inning.

PS: since when did u notice Huff's moustache?

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SoNSo1 said...

Hunh? What happened? I see that the final was 12-4? Did he suck that bad?

m a r g e said...

i didnt make an update last night, though ive been itching to do so. i stopped watching in the middle of third and then they took him out and put in Hendrickson. after Hendrickson was Albers, then Sherrill. that was according to updates. =) JG said that he was feeling dizzy last night. between B-Rob having URI, and him getting dizzy... oh well.

and hero of the night: Luuuuke Scott!!!!