Observe and Report

watched Observe and Report tonight, not because i wanted to, and felt really disappointed watching it tho. end of the night: it made me realize that i should appreciate Paul Blart because comparably, Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a better movie in general than Observe and Report.

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One Little Seedling said...

What? Observe and Report was hilarious.

"I'm not gonna lie, this stuff is really really bad."

"You're gonna die"

Then the scenes.

His dating outfit.
The mom on the floor.
Shooting with the twins.
The day through his buddies eyes.
The drug deal scene.
The final "savior shot". Heh.

It's not for everyone, but it blows away Blart in the originality department. The idea of the man finding his own in a world that seems to be shit was a good enough story line.

Hell the opening scene of Observe was a well done setup of Ronnie's world.

It may not suit everyone's taste but it's refreshing to see some director/writer just going for it and actually creating a world and character beyond nut hits and "owees" And for once Rogen was actually different. He was menacing, but was able to walk that thin line between crazy and likable.

But to each their own. But please don't put this on the same table as Paul Blart even if you didn't like the film. PLEASE. =) Heh. Paul Blart is Hollywood's puckered a-hole.

m a r g e said...

i dunno but i had to say "what the fuck?!" several times throughout the movie. im gonna say tho that i had qualms in watching the movie beforehand, so i had some things pre-judged.

Paul Blart was the "fairy tale" of comedy. Observe and Report was "the dark side" comedy. maybe thats how i can put it.

m a r g e said...

and for some weird reason, i gave Paul Blart at that time a 1/5 stars and OandR 2/5 stars. i shall leave my review hanging with, "its funny but...."

One Little Seedling said...

Comedy is comedy. If you didn't laugh during Observe than it deserves 0 stars. If you chuckled during Blart than it deserves 3.

But as films, Paul Blart is regurgitated shitake. It's like steaks. The one at Outback is pretty tastie and so is the one at Woodberry. But to put them in the same league is sacrilege.

Jody Hill is becoming my favorite new director. Fist The Foot Way is just pure brilliance.