Wacky Races

Wacky Races, originally uploaded by Margeeboo.

i saw this on BN the other day and was thinking of getting it for myself. i was looking around the cartoon/animated/kiddy section of the video area, and when i saw this, i held and looked at it a little longer than the others, and tried recalled some of their silly races. every episode, they just raced their way to the finish line, but each racer had this trick up his/her sleeve especially the evil Dick Dastardly.

cannot wait to really get it and watch some of the episodes again. go Penelope Pitstop!

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SoNSo1 said...

I thought it was snidely whiplash? Or is that some other show?


m a r g e said...

wiki says its a different cartoon. and i actually like muttley because he laughs at dick dastardly every time he does something wrong. *snicker snicker laugh laugh hihihihi* i dunno how that interpretation sounds.

Blue Ryder said...

I think it sounds something like, "hheeehhheeehhheeehhhee". Just squint your eyes and laugh with your shoulders. Oh, and try to push it out from the back of your throat.

m a r g e said...

or is it heeheehee with a c somewhere? like heecheeeheeecheee or whatever.

maybe the kids should watch this...
AND maybe not...yet. =D

One Little Seedling said...

It's Heghhheghheghheghheghh. Pretty much what Blue Ryder said. She should know, it's like an out of breath Chinaman that can contain his laughter.

It's one part pregnant woman breathing exercise and one part Old Chinaman smoker with a dash of pissed off cat. You know that thing cats do. The sound Jonesy made on the Nostromo.