from the past

its funny how i dreamt of someone from the past. hihihi! it was making me giggle thinking that i even dreamt of him. i still get to talk to him once in a while, and i know i dont miss him, coz im busy with my life. still, it was funny that i dreamt of him.

the dream wasnt even anything sweet. it was more of we saw each other, he stayed over for like a week, and we were just enjoying our time. platonic. purely platonic. like basically how our whole "relationship" (for lack of a better word) is.

tho it was funny. i mean, it was exactly how he looks like! thats what was freaky about it. every detail of him, physically and attitude wise, it was sooo him. i hope though that we see each other again next time. =)

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Blue Ryder said...

I have those kinds of dreams every now and then! Haven't had any recently- but when I do, they're exactly as you describe...and you wonder to youself, "what was that about? Why him? Why now? Where'd that come from?". ;). It's the kind of dream that leaves you a little rattled still, when you wake up..you're .like, "what the....". As you're still stretching and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes while desperately trying to hit the snooze button so you can go back there just for a little while longer!! LOL!!

m a r g e said...

the vivd picture of him was the one that was making me scratch my head. did i put that in my brain too much? did i look at him too much? no, rephrase, did i look at his pictures too much? its funny still tho. i had to send him a message, and it feels weird that i was having second thoughts on sending it, but everything went fine. he is doing okay, thats the least i could be complacent about. =)