this week is happy week

this week is a pretty exciting week for me. everyone knows how i miss my friends back home, and this week, id get to see two of them. i cant wait coz these two are very special to my life. kitchie has been my close friend since fourth grade, and it such a thrill that i'll be able to hang out with her. thanks to melai for giving us the chance to reconnect. friend #2 is my BFF since seventh grade and ive talked about her numerous times here. at last, i'll see phoebe!!! yey! and its true i almost broke down in tears how many times when any attempt for us to meet has not been feasible. so when her aunt called me up today, i hurriedly made a reservation for a seat in amtrak this wednesday going to DC. i cant cant cant wait! im so excited. besides her, i will see my sister from a different set of parents. phoebe's sister divine is and will always be my little sister too. i hope to see her family too, see her other sisters janelle and kiana who is so growing up. happy week is also for izzy's birthday! and with a start today of "we're not done with weekend maybe" watching Hitch revival!
sigh! im too excited!

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♥nova-san said...

That is exciting! There are so many people/friends from my past that I haven't seen in so long, and I literally ache to see them again.

I'm excited for you!

m a r g e said...

thank you!

Blue Ryder said...

There's nothing like that feeling, is there? Being surrounded by those you love, whom you know loves you just as much as you love them. Nothing like it in the world.

m a r g e said...

oh BR, truly truly truly.